sobranie.jpgPolymeric caps (or plastic caps) are modern bottle closures which are put on throat part of glass bottle. These polymeric caps are purposed, as you probably guess, for providing a high level of bottle tightness as well as for giving a first-class marketable view to future product. Furthermore, plastic caps (polymeric caps, guala caps) protect very well the containers against ingress of foreign substances and air.

Due to wide possibilities of decoration and original forms of structure, polymeric caps are now widely used in exclusive products of alcohol beverage industry. We offer various models of polymeric caps with sliding doser, horizontal perforation with punched tongue.

Size: 33x46, 33x47, 33x58, 33x59.

Any color design, lacquering with UV lacquers, color lacquers, with metallic effect, matted lacquering, metalized coating with vacuum spraying, one and two color foil hot printing, silk-screen printing, sponge printing.

We accept orders for making any structures of caps according to customer’s drawings.

Why do we have?

The company «ASTEL» a special place in the manufacturing process the company paid to quality control and management of ISO 9001:2009 products.

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ASTEL introduced new product – decorative wine capsule. For making it, we use composite foil (polylaminate) – the modern material used worldwide for making decorative caps for reputable brands of wine and cognac.

ASTEL JV LLC congratulates all the citizens of Uzbekistan with the Independence Day!

ASTEL offers synthetic plugs of various diameters and lengths.

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