Мужская марка 30х60.jpgAluminium screw-on caps are the most popular industrial aluminium cap with thread rolled on during closure.

Our company’s production lines allow to make various sizes and types of aluminium caps.

Sizes 28x18, 28x38, 28x44,30x35, 30x36, 30x42, 30x44, 31.5x40, 31.5x44, 30x60, 31.5x60

Decoration of caps can be made by the most various methods: lithography, 3-colour offset lateral printing, lacquering, spraying, milling, foil hot printing, top embossing.

Upon customer request, aluminium caps may be complete with dosers or splitters made by us. We accept orders for making non-standard types and sizes of aluminium caps.

Why do we have?

The company «ASTEL» a special place in the manufacturing process the company paid to quality control and management of ISO 9001:2009 products.

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ASTEL introduced new product – decorative wine capsule. For making it, we use composite foil (polylaminate) – the modern material used worldwide for making decorative caps for reputable brands of wine and cognac.

ASTEL JV LLC congratulates all the citizens of Uzbekistan with the Independence Day!

ASTEL offers synthetic plugs of various diameters and lengths.

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